Supporting Non-Traditional Undergraduate Students in Franklin County, Ohio

Who Are Phoenix Scholars?

The Columbus Rotary considers Phoenix Scholars to be non-traditional undergraduates who have faced and overcome challenges along the way. These challenges may include:
  • Did not qualify for scholarships following high school because of grades or college entrance exams, but who have demonstrated solid academic performance in their undergraduate studies; 
  • May not have chosen to pursue college immediately following high school. Started college but did not complete their undergraduate degree; or
  • Find themselves mid-career having to adjust their course due to personal, economic or industry shifts.

Application Instructions

The applicants can submit their application by:
2. Download, complete and email the PDF application.
3. Download, complete and mail the PDF application.
The information you will need to complete the application is:
  • Schools (and dates) of coursework you have done since high school
  • Recent employment history
  • A 300-500 word essay, that explains what makes you a Phoenix — someone who is choosing to rise above life's challenges and achieve success.  Also, include comments on how your program of study will be of value to you as you pursue job opportunities.
Remember, the deadline to submit your application is midnight on March 1

Quotes from Current and Former Recipients

Neva Ryan, Nursing 
Chamberlain College of Nursing

“Receiving the Rotary Phoenix Scholarship has made the difference between me and my degree. As a single Mother of four children, I have worked hard and study often to maintain a good GPA. 
Getting my degree isn't just about me, it’s about providing a stable life for my children, breaking the cycle of poverty I was born into, and the impact I plan on making in the nursing field. I have a heart for the community, especially the undeserved community of Linden. I plan on pursuing a Master’s of Public Health in the next 5 years as well.”

Margo McMaster,
Athletic Training 

The Ohio State University, Athletic Training

“You have truly given me a gift to reach my goals and dreams.”

Bethany Fenske,
Medical Technology 

Columbus State Community College

“I am not able to express how grateful my heart feels at this moment.  Thank you all so much and I promise to do everything in my academic power to make all of you proud.”

Jennifer Davidson,
Business Administration

Ohio Dominican University

“I am so thrilled and thankful to be chosen for the Phoenix Scholarship!  I have always had a tremendous respect for the Rotary Club and its initiatives and I feel very honored to be selected by such an organization.”

Brian Albright, Architecture
Columbus State Community College


“Thank you! I truly appreciate being honored in this way and I am very thankful to all of the Rotarians for this scholarship! It means the world to me to have been selected.  This scholarship will go a long way in helping me to achieve my goal of finishing school.”

Angela Beebe, Nursing Student
The Ohio State University

“Thank you for the help that you are sending my way!  I’m so appreciative that this Club is active in the community and wants to help someone like me succeed.”
The Columbus Rotary works to effect positive, enduring change in the lives of others and the greater Columbus community.
As part of this work, The Columbus Rotary invites applications for scholarship opportunities for hard-working undergraduate students with good grades who may not fit the regular mold of the typical student.
The Phoenix Scholarship provides $1,250 for part-time postsecondary students (6+ credit hours) and $2,500 scholarships for full-time postsecondary students (12+ credit hours).
Application Deadline: March 1
Fill out the online application or download the application below: