Founder & CEO, Form5 Prosthetics Inc.
Nov 01, 2021
Aaron Westbrook
Founder & CEO, Form5 Prosthetics Inc.

Aaron Westbrook is a 4th-year student studying Marketing at Fisher College of Business. He is not your average undergraduate student!

While attending The Ohio State University, Aaron has developed and grown Form5 Prosthetics, a non-profit organization he founded in high school. The story of Form5 begins with the story of Aaron, who was born with a limb difference - his right arm stops shortly after his elbow.

Despite being born with only one hand, Aaron didn't try out his first prosthesis until he was a freshman in high school. Unfortunately, it did not fit well – and it was expensive, especially considering that he would eventually outgrow it.

Disappointed but not defeated, Aaron embarked on a do-it-yourself mission to make his own prosthesis. At 15, Aaron designed, and 3-D printed his own prosthesis utilizing New Albany School’s MIT Fabrication Lab.

With the help of E-Nable, a global movement dedicated to 3D printing prosthetics hands and arms for those in need, Aaron collaborated with them to test their open-source designs. Inspired to purchase his own 3D printer, he raised enough money through a Kickstarter campaign to make this a reality and then later launched Form5 Prosthetics as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, in which he is the CEO.

In its first year as an organization (2018), Form5 provided five recipients with prosthetic devices, held various fundraising events, and collected plastic waste that could be recycled into 3D printer filament material. Additionally, Aaron began bridging industries, inviting passionate, talented professionals to serve on Form5’s board of directors.

Form5 Prosthetics empowers people to successfully interact with their world and their future. As part of its mission, Form5 is committed to providing custom-application prosthetics at no cost to recipients. Another top priority is the belief that the mission is best accomplished by including the perspective and ideas of the limb-different community.

With that in mind, Form5 initiated its CO-FAB Workshop in 2019, which brought participants, students, and industry professionals together to develop prosthetics for individuals living with limb differences. CO-FAB is an experiential learning opportunity, exposing both high school and college students to engineering, design, robotics, medical/health technology, and other related fields.

Form5 is planning its 3rd annual CO-FAB workshop slated for Sept-Oct., 2021 at The EDGE Innovation Hub in Gahanna, Ohio. Past workshops have been sponsored by AEP Foundation, Honda R & D, Battelle, Design Central, and others.

As Aaron’s Ohio State journey comes to a close, he aspires to utilize his Fisher Marketing degree to build collaborations, connect synergies and align the bigger community with the evolution and expansion of Form5.