Student Service Above Self Program
Sponsored by
Columbus Rotary in partnership with
Columbus City Schools
Every year, hundreds of Columbus City Schools’ students devote thousands of hours to make a positive
difference in the lives of others. As a result, they build important values, attitudes and skills
through their community service.
Student Service Above Self Program – Created in 2003 by Columbus Rotary to:
  • Help Columbus City Schools (CCS) fulfill its mission: Each student is highly-educated, prepared for leadership and service, and empowered for success as a citizen in a global community.
  • Improve quality of life through student community service projects that impact schools, local communities and even people in other countries.
  • Provide opportunities for students to learn and/or refine vital skills for success including: collaboration, critical thinking, communications, creativity, leadership, goal/setting, planning, organization, teamwork, verbal and written communication, marketing, measuring results, handling anticipated and unanticipated challenges, empathy, advocacy, perseverance, etc.
  • Exemplify Rotary’s motto – “Service Above Self.”
Organized to:
  • Assist student teams from every CCS high school and middle school, faculty, and community partners as they conduct student-led service activities that maximize the impact of students’ time, talents and energy.
  • Promote and reinforce the link between students’ classroom learning and community service activities.
  • Recognize and honor participating students and their community service projects at the annual High School and Middle School Service Above Self Fairs attended by 500+ CCS students, CCS staff, Rotarians, and other community leaders. And, activate other recognition venues throughout the year.
  • Use Student Service Above Self Program activities and visibility to inspire other students and highlight the values of service and leadership.
Student Service Above Self Program -- In The News
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Project Operations
  • Oversight – provided by Columbus Rotary’s Board and Student Service Above Self Program Committee along with CCS-designated administrators.
  • On-going operations – conducted by the Program Coordinator who is selected by Columbus Rotary, reports to the Rotary Board and Program Committee, and collaborates regularly with CCS.
  • Funding and in-kind support – provided by the Program sponsors and corporate supporters.
Opportunities to Support the Student Service Above Self Program
Community Organizations. The Student Service Above Self Program encourages partnerships between student project teams and community organizations. These partnerships strengthen student learning and skill building as well as the impact of the students’ work.
Businesses and Individuals. Businesses of all sizes and concerned individuals are invited to provide funding to support overall Project operations.
Timelines & Participation Requirements
See the High School Details and Middle School Details pages.
High School and Middle School Fair Overviews
See the High School Fair and Middle School Fair pages.
For Additional Information
Contact: Rick Studer, Program Coordinator rickstuder@columbusrotary.org  614-915-8149